The Tap Pack. Photo by John Fick.
The Tap Pack. Photo by John Fick.
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The Tap Pack at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

  • August 28, 2016

What do you get when you combine tap dancing, the suaveness and “old school cool” of Gene Kelly, magic tricks, audience interaction, and music? Quite the entertainment! Australia’s The Tap Pack, a five-member performance group created by Nigel Turner-Carroll, has been described as a modern day Rat Pack mixed with world class tap dance. And most recently, this dynamic tap troupe of Capezio Athletes has been wowing audiences all summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, wearing none other than Capezio tap shoes!

Here, we speak with Co-Creator Jordan Pollard to learn a little more about The Tap Pack, and what they’re all about.

Who is The Tap Pack?
“Jesse Rasmussen, co-creator and cast member; Thomas J. Egan, co-creator and cast member; Sean Mulligan, cast member; Max Patterson, cast member; and Thomas Lacey, cast member.”

When and why was The Tap Pack formed? What has been the group’s inspiration and motivation?
“The Tap Pack was formed in 2013 by Jesse, Thomas and myself. We wanted to try to mix together the tap dance we loved – Gene Kelly, Sammy Davis, Jr. – and make it more for today’s audiences. We wanted to pay tribute to the legends who have come before, as well as try our own spin on things! What we have now is a show that is exciting and entertaining because it reminisces to the old school cool of the 1950s but is fast and furious for the modern audience.”

Tell us about your performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
“We will be performing until the end of the Fringe Festival at the Assembly George Square Theatre. The show starts at 7pm and runs for one hour.

We have performed every night with our own show, as well as been invited to perform at the Forth on the Fringe, Best of the Fest, with a few radio shows, and in a few cabarets as special guests. This is our first time in Edinburgh, so we have been soaking it in!”

What can an audience expect with a performance from The Tap Pack?
“The audience can expect some insane tap dancing. Like ridiculous tap dancing! We have searched all over Australia to give you Australia’s most sought-after tap performers. But the best thing about the show is that it’s not just tap. Since The Tap Pack show is set in a bar, we invite the audience to get involved in our show from the start. We sing, we dance, we joke, we juggle, we do magic tricks, we drum, and Tommy even talks to a potato! You can expect to hear every rhythm under the sun and hear your favorite songs after dark. We have packed so much in, we guarantee the audience will leave breathless.”

The Tap Pack has been wearing Capezio tap shoes!
“Yes! Capezio is the best! All the cast wear the Capezio K360. We have your standard cool black K360, then Jesse wears a two-tone black and white ‘penguin’ K360. Thomas J. Egan can be seen with a charming chestnut brown pair, and Max is wearing a custom black and gold pair. Capezio has been great to us and supplied the best sounding shoe in the business!”

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Photo (top): The Tap Pack. Photo by John Fick.

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