Maddie Ziegler in Capezio Video 'Dance In You', directed by Bon Duke. Photo by Albert Ayzenberg.
Maddie Ziegler in Capezio Video 'Dance In You', directed by Bon Duke. Photo by Albert Ayzenberg.
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Maddie Ziegler Stars in New Video Celebrating the Dance in You

  • February 18, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa

You’ve all probably had that feeling – the desire to break free of any restrictions and just be yourself, of wanting to let your hair down and just be free.

In a brand new dance video made for Capezio, “Dance in You”, released on Tuesday, dance star Maddie Ziegler does just this. Filmed in New York City’s iconic and sunlit studio at Baryshnikov Arts Center, “Dance in You” was directed by videographer Bon Duke, known for other dance videos featuring Janie Taylor and Justin Peck, Twyla Tharp, Misty Copeland, and New York City Ballet (NYCB) dancers Joshua Thew and Zachary Catazaro.

View here for a look at the video, and read on for the inspiration and vision behind “Dance in You”.

As the video’s concept, Duke says he wanted to show the audience that it’s okay to be yourself, while still respecting technique and tradition.

“For Maddie, we had her as an idea, a feeling force, that was going to be the heartbeat and contagious energy amongst the group,” Duke explains. “The simple symbol of the barre was tradition – something to respect and understand – but having Maddie break away from it is saying it’s okay to do what you want. As she dances, you slowly see the influence she has upon the group. Soon, a whole dance is formed around this infectious, fun energy.”

For this video, Duke turned to choreographer Troy Schumacher, a dancer with NYCB and director of his own dance troupe, Ballet Collective, and used music by French music artist Raph Parpex.

Duke says he loves working with dancers, as they understand their body, shape and form.

“It’s so beautiful in all the details that can be seen, the power of control they have,” he adds. “The collaboration for me is important as well, as the dancer is the driver for the piece. I never really try to impose on what they are doing, letting an organic communication happen on set.”

As for working with Ziegler, Duke says she was a complete professional. Even as the crew fought against time and sunlight, Ziegler nailed each and every take, he recalls.

“She was so humble and strived to perform 100 percent each take,” Duke shares. “To be honest, I knew her talent but never knew it was to that extent.”

Duke says he hopes “Dance in You” will reach everyone in the dance world – newer dancers, veteran dancers, and audience members.

“I also hope that the dance world will grow and people will pay attention to it more and put more funds into this art form,” he explains. “It’s the most physical form out there, yet sometimes we overlook it. Dance is having its moment now; Maddie is one reason people are paying attention to it.”

Duke is also grateful to have worked with a brand like Capezio, one that, much like his video, sticks by tradition while also branches out in new and unique ways.

“The new collections look amazing, and it’s something that not only dancers should look at,” Duke adds. “Not many have realised Capezio has collections that people can wear for everyday use. Right now, athletic wear is continuously rising, and people need to see that Capezio has the tradition, quality and history.”

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  • Jo

    “Maddie is one reason people are paying attention to it.” it so true Maddie work with Sia make me fall in love with ART of dance… I lucky to live in London and after ‘Chandelier’ I visited Sadler’s Wells few times (Dust with Tamara Rojo OMG you can’t describe this live performance in words it’s so sublime) and I booked ticket for Natalia Osipova already (YEAHHH) at Sadler’s Wells. I have been to Royal Opera and Akram Khan Company but I have to say I most enjoy work where is modern music mixed with contemporary/ ballet technique( Modern Masters from ENB especially IN THE MIDDLE, SOMEWHAT ELEVATED William Forsythe )

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