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Introducing new Capezio Athlete Jack Higgins

  • June 30, 2016
  • by Chelsea Thomas

The young Jack Higgins, a dancer hailing from Liverpool, England, has already had many life-changing experiences at the ripe old age of 14. He’s performed on the Royal Albert Hall Stage, has appeared at the Liverpool Empire in “countless” productions, has won Gold at the Dance World Cup in the Male Solo category, and most recently has competed on Britain’s Got Talent. Now he’s also been named a Capezio Athlete!

Hear from Jack himself as Dance Informa interviews him about his journey thus far.

Jack, congratulations on recently being named a Capezio Athlete, a position only held by elite and professional dancers. How do you feel?

“I have bought and worn Capezio products throughout my life. So to be named a Capezio Athlete is such an honour – every dancer’s dream.”

You’ve had a big year, with competing on Britain’s Got Talent and being interviewed by numerous media outlets. What’s that been like? Can you share about the whole experience?

“Britain’s Got Talent stated in January and finished in May and it really has been the best time ever! The judges and their comments were amazing. I have loved doing interviews… having different celebrities interviewing me too has just been amazing. I danced live on TV at a Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final and got a standing ovation from the judges. It’s going to be hard to better that.”

Looking back on your journey as a dancer, can you share how you first started?

“Well, my mum put me into dance when I was about five as apparently I used to do little moves in front of the TV. Dance just clicked for me and I haven’t stopped dancing since, and if I’m honest, I don’t think I ever will.”

Your current accomplishments include awards from Janet Cram, a competition based on examination work and then a solo performance. When did you win these?

“I absolutely love Janet Cram. I’ve now done it four years in a row! The first year I received an award for Most Outstanding Dancer in the Junior section. The second year I won the Junior section and the third year I won the Senior section. Actually, I just won as the overall boy in the Premier section, which kind of completes my Janet Cram journey.”

How neat! You’ve also won the Dance World Cup, right? How’d it feel to win that distinction?

“To win the Dance World Cup was an amazing experience. I received the award for Most Promising Boy Dancer Under 14 and the prize was to swim with dolphins, which was amazing as I’d never done it before.”

What would you say are your dance goals right now?

“My overall goal is to appear on the West End, to have my name in lights and to travel the world.”

Looking to the future, are there any new projects or events you’re preparing for?

“Well, there’s a lot coming up behind the scenes, but it’s all in the early stages at the minute so I can’t really go into detail. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled! I do have my Capezio Athlete shoot coming up, which I am super excited about!”

Finally, what advice would you offer to other young dancers just starting out?

“My advice is…. Just try your best! Be who you are! Don’t care what anybody else thinks. Ignore any negativity! Live your dream; don’t be that person who looks back in 12 month’s time wishing they had taken that first class.”

Watch Jack’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent below!

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