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Getting Active in the New Year

  • January 3, 2016
  • by Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa.

Confidence leads to success 

We’ve all heard the saying “if you look good, you feel good”. And it’s true – when you feel good, you perform better. Part of feeling good is having confidence, as it pushes you to work harder, reach farther and jump higher. So what’s an easy way to boost confidence? Studio owners, dance teachers, and even personal trainers and fitness instructors at the gym would say a simple way to start is in the clothes and attire we wear. As we get into the New Year, it’s important that we approach all of our physical resolutions with confidence in mind. A positive mental state is crucial to finding success.

David Dellanave, a gym owner and certified “meathead” who contributes to Men’s Health, once wrote, “Your state is the most important, and most under-appreciated, factor in training. If you walk into the gym well-rested with eight hours of sleep (physical), having eaten a solid meal some time beforehand (chemical), and a positive state of mind (mental), then I’d be prepared to wager money you’re going to have a good lift.”

The same is true for dancers. Yet, often we focus only on the physical and chemical and neglect the mental. One way we can better our mental state this year is by dressing for success. Wear items that make you feel attractive and confident. If you’re insecure in your own clothes, you’re bound to miss something in class, rehearsal or at auditions because you’ll be too busy fidgeting or being self-conscious.

A study published by researchers at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 2012 concluded that looking the part can have a positive effect on cognitive processes. In their study, subjects who wore a lab coat identified as a “doctor’s coat” actually increased their performance because they thought that doctors tend to be intelligent. This phenomenon, dubbed “enclothed cognition”, is a fancy way of explaining that if you look good, or at least look the part, you will perform better.

So do you have a favourite leotard? Great! Wear it whenever possible! Is there one pair of leggings and/or tights that you think make your legs look better? Fantastic! Put them on! But if nothing comes to mind, then it might be time to update your dance and exercise wardrobe.

Capezio offers not only beautiful dancewear but also excellent and stylish fitness wear. The Capezio Active collection presents “activewear that enhances your body as it moves”. Looking for something that will take your game to the next level? The TriBeCa Crop Top is fun and offers long sleeves with thumbholes.

Capezio Brand Ambassador Maddie Ziegler loves the Dance Active Jacket and admits, “I keep borrowing this from my mom. It’s such a great jacket to wear to and from rehearsal.”

And Capezio’s Capri Workout Pants  and Shorts are great durable staples that promise to make you feel your finest.

The best part of looking your best is that you’re more likely to believe in yourself, which can lead you to try new things that can ultimately better your dancing. Many dancers these days cross-train, meaning they expand past dance class into other forms of physical training, and ultimately become stronger dancers. Some like to swim; some swear by yoga and Pilates. Other dancers love newer fitness trends such as barre classes (try Pure Barre, Barre Body, Xtend Barre, Barrecore or Cardio Barre!), CrossFit, indoor trampoline park classes, rock climbing and even American Ninja Warrior-inspired gyms!

No matter how you choose to get active this New Year, remember that it’s not just your physical and chemical health that matters; it’s also your mental state. And one little way to inspire and motivate yourself is by dressing for success. Let’s start 2016 off on the right foot…and in the right clothes.

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