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Eleiyah Navis wins top tap title from Dance World Cup

  • September 8, 2016
  • by Chelsea Thomas

Capezio Athlete Eleiyah Navis, a 15-year-old famous for her role on Dance Mums in the UK, has just received the title of “World Tap Champion” at the 2016 Dance World Cup, an all-genre dance competition that has over 12,000 entrants from 38 countries worldwide. The competition was held on 25 June to 2 July in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the UK. Eleiyah competed in her favorite Capezio tap shoes – her Capezio K360s and her Capezio Tapsonic. Eleiyah recently opened up about her experience at Dance World Cup.

Eleiyah Navis wins DWCCongratulations on your recent win at the 2016 Dance World Cup! When did you begin preparing for the event, and what pieces did you present?

“I firstly prepared for the DWC when I sent my entry off for the adjudication. When I found out I had qualified, I was over the moon. I started intense tap rehearsals a few weeks before the event. I also was competing in five group dances, too, which were in lyrical, jazz, ballet fusion and hip hop sections. The jazz number was from Chicago and felt absolutely amazing to dance in. We got a standing ovation for one piece, and that was unbelievable. I just loved being on that stage.”

Was this your first time competing at the event?

“I competed in DWC two years ago with a modern lyrical solo and got bronze for it. I then auditioned the next year and qualified with two modern solos (one jazz and one lyrical) and gained an Outstanding Award for one of them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the DWC in Romania in 2015, so I didn’t participate.”

eleiyah navis capezio athlete.Were you nervous going into this competition? 

“I was a lot more determined to win this year. So it was very nerve-racking, but it was good nerves and they helped me through my dance.”

When you found out you won, how did you feel?

“When they announced I was the winner, I couldn’t believe it. I was so, so happy and overwhelmed. It’s such an achievement to be winner of the world in tap, also with the highest solo tap marks.”

I heard you competed in your preferred Capezio tap shoes. Why did you choose these? 

“I chose to wear Capezio K360 Tap Shoes, as they make the best tap sounds ever. I love them!”

Eleiyah Navis wins dance world cup.What’s next for you?

“Since DWC, I have been concentrating on competitions I have coming up – British and English Championships and All England Championships. I have been touring with my workshops around the UK, which I have had brilliant feedback from. I have done some modelling work for a new product coming out soon.”

Overall, what are your next goals as a dancer? 

“As a dancer, I have lots of goals and places I would love to perform at. I would love to perform on Strictly Come Dancing, in West End shows and with Beyoncé, Pink or Christina Aguilera. I would also love to get on to a TV Soap to do some acting. I would ultimately love my own TV show based around dance. So many busy years ahead of me to accomplish all of these.”

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