Eleanor Norton Bailey Face of Capezio
Eleanor Norton Bailey Face of Capezio
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Eleanor Norton-Bailey: Face of Capezio Europe

  • May 11, 2017
  • by Grace Gassin

At just 14 years old, Eleanor Norton-Bailey is already making a name for herself as an up-and-comer in the dance industry. Impressing the judges at the MOVE IT and Capezio Dance Championships, Eleanor was recently one of the winners at the Championships and is now officially the Face of Capezio Europe!

Congratulations, Eleanor! Tell us, what does this prize mean to you?

“Thank you so much! Winning the Face of Capezio 2017 means a lot to me. It’s such a great chance to represent one of the biggest dance brands with some amazing ambassadors also representing it. I’ve never had anything like this before, so I really do appreciate the opportunity.”

What are the qualities of an exceptional dancer to you? 

“The qualities of a good dancer to me are a very strong technique, a lot of creativity in the body, and a good mindset to take on detail, corrections and instructions from the teacher in whichever class he or she is taking.”

Who are your favourite dancers?

“The dancers who inspire me the most are my duet partner, Katie, who urges me and pushes me every day in every class; and my dancer teacher, Emily. She is my biggest inspiration in the way that she creates and thinks and the way that she teaches. She teaches me with so much detail and depth as we work together toward the final push.”

What is your training schedule like? How do you juggle school? 

“I train at the Vale School of Dance every night of the week. In terms of set classes, I train up to around 16 or 17 hours per week, including my weekly private lesson. That includes training in all genres – ballet, tap, modern, jazz, leaps and turns, contemporary, pointe work, body conditioning, and acro and commercial. We also have extra rehearsals most Sundays when we’re working toward a competition of some sort. At the moment, we’re rehearsing for the Dance World Cup.

I attend school every day and then go straight to dancing afterward. I do my homework on Saturday and Sunday mornings and during lunch times at school. Sometimes, though, I also have to finish work in the mornings before I go to school!”

Why contemporary dance? What is it you love about contemporary dance (and dance in general)? 

“Over the years, my passion for dance has become stronger, and my mindset has also grown stronger. Contemporary dance is my favourite genre at the moment because there are so many different styles of contemporary. I feel it is the most versatile genre of dance, and I like to be different and move my body in ways that are not always obvious. The way in which I have been taught contemporary by my teacher, I feel it helps me move my body in the way anyone asks, almost like my body is prepared to move anyway possible, shape or form. When someone says, ‘Be free,’ I really feel like I can be and am prepared to be free.

At the same time, though, I strive to be versatile as a dancer so that I’m prepared for anything and can then choose which path I would like to choose in the future.”

What are your favourite Capezio products? 

“To me, Capezio is an all round brand providing dancers with exactly what they need for dance. They always have such a variety of everything. My favourite product from Capezio, I would have to say, is my turners.”

What is something about you which most people don’t know? 

“I play the piano!”

Who inspires you the most in the dance industry? 

“My dance teacher Emily is my biggest inspiration. I love the mindset she brings to life, and I feel like she brings the very best out of every individual. She has certainly brought out the best in me as a dancer and as a person. The way I dance and the way in which I think about dance I owe to her, she has helped me develop focus during all my classes. I always feel ready for anything.”

What is your focus dance-wise for the next year? 

“My focus from now until June is the Dance World Cup for which we are travelling to Germany. In class, I’ve been focusing recently on my flexibility and learning how much force I need to use for various movements in all my different classes, combinations and exercises.”

Tell us the most valuable advice you’ve received. 

“The most valuable advice I’ve been given so far would probably be that even if I’m unsuccessful at something, there will always be something bigger and better for me just around the next corner, however long it might take to come.”

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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