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Capezio Releases the Street Collection for the Dancer in Everyone

  • November 24, 2016
  • by Kathryn Boland

Capezio Street Collection 606W_BLK_0644Are you a dancer running from street to class, rehearsal and auditions? Are you someone who admires a dancer’s grace, poise and style, and wish you could shine that forward on any old day? Capezio has something for you either way: the Street Collection, a new line of footwear and accessories designed to transition from dancing to street with ease and style. For non-dancers, the line’s items allow for moving through the day with a dancer’s ease and aesthetic.

Melissa Brannan, vice president of design and merchandising for Capezio, describes how the line is very timely. “Capezio has been creating functional, balanced and comfortable footwear for dancers for almost 130 years,” she says. “We felt the time was right for another collection that can be worn every day for any purpose.”

That’s because of “the proliferation of dance within our everyday lives and experiences,” she says, and – more specifically in dance communities – the growing popularity of “heels” classes. Outside of dance communities, Brannan states that “we truly wanted to bring our collective knowledge and tradition to the dancer in everyone.”

Capezio Street Collection 600W_BLK_0582What can we expect from this line? “We reimagined classic silhouettes with new and elegant utilities that showcase timelessness, quality and contemporary design,” explains Brannan. “We are using beautiful leathers and suedes, performance elastics and slip resistant soles.”

For ease and safety of footwork in dancing, the street heel has a strap at the pump that secures the ankle, as well as articulation points that facilitate point-flex actions. But the heel can also be comfortably stylish for anyone.

“Everything we strive to provide dancers we’ve poured into these shoes so that dancers and non-dancers alike can benefit from what we have to offer,” asserts Brannan.

Capezio Street Collection 603W_BLK_0295The problem with heels for dancers or 9-5 ladies is that there’s constant pressure on the heel throughout the day. Hello to pain and blisters! But, as Brannan explains, “The shoes are beautifully balanced so that the comfort is real – not just added padding. We use the same footbed cushion that we use in our ballroom shoes, which adds a tremendous amount of comfort throughout.”

But it’s not enough for a shoe to be comfortable. It has to be customisable, functional and anatomically informed as well! Capezio knows that feet are a dancer’s tool, and Brannan says that “we strive to take care of them by creating products that allow dancers to perform their craft and care for themselves.”

The clear support strap on the Sabrina pump can be removed without damaging the shoe. The shoes are also easy to slip on and off, providing that extra sense of comfort for the wearer. All in all, these shoes are definitely dancer, studio, and street friendly.

Capezio Street Collection B600W_LPK_0919Another product in the Street Collection line that can add comfort and style to anyone’s life is the Italian-handcrafted backpack. If you’re on-the-go, especially if you travel by public transportation, you know the struggle of keeping important items in a safe yet convenient place. This backpack has “a unique and functional zipper in the back that can fit a phone or wallet,” explains Brannan, allowing those things to stay “easily accessible, yet totally hidden and secure”.

And maybe the best part about the backpack? An inscription inside reads, “The world is your stage.” With the comfort, adaptability, functionality and style of Capezio’s new Street Collection line, you can take it by storm – with pirouettes, punchlines or Power Points.

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