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Capezio Dazzles with Rebel Boot

  • May 17, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio

Wouldn’t it be great to have a shoe that is both street and studio versatile, stylish and sassy, and of course comfortable and durable? Well look no further than Capezio’s new Rebel Boot, a heeled combat boot that looks amazing both with street clothes and on the stage.

“It’s a mash-up of everything you need to be stylish and comfortable, whether you’re in the studio or logging a full day at school, at work or while dancing the night away,” says Melissa Brannan, vice president of design and merchandising for Capezio.

The Rebel Boot’s foundation and structure lends itself to hip hop and high-heeled-influenced movement, and the shoe’s aesthetic references street style with a music video inspiration.

“The Rebel is built to last and withstand use in studio and for everyday use,” Brannan adds. “It’s exciting that when styling or costuming, dancers now have an option to turn to a combat boot that is on trend and has the right danceable components.”

The synthetic leather boot features a gore insert for comfort and flexibility, while maintaining support. The collar can be worn either laced up or folded over with stay-put snaps, allowing you to customise your look. Inside, the boot contains a durable, cushioned sock liner. The Rebel has three-inch heels with a sturdy platform for dancing, and its lateral collar metallic studs offer a cool, sassy look.

“The Rebel is an empowered, relevant wardrobe staple,” Brannan explains. “It speaks to the style of dance that is seen in movies, pop culture, music videos and taking place not only in studios but carried through everyday life. The Rebel is a game-changer, and this whole category is taking into account the ‘look’ which needs to become functionally integral.”

During a recent Capezio photo shoot in Brooklyn, New York, young dance star Tate McRae tested out the Rebel Boot. Brannan says that McRae, who has won various national titles, including Junior Best Dancer at the Dance Awards and First Runner Up at the New York City Dance Alliance finals last year, was the perfect match for the Rebel Boot.

“I love that you can wear the boot to class or out on the street,” McRae shares. “It has a super cool look, so it looks great with everyday clothing! I love the heel on it. It’s perfect for dancers who are taking heels classes and workshops, or anyone just wanting to funk up their outfit.”

At this recent photo shoot, McRae was styled in the Rebel Boot, along with French braids and a black long-sleeve bodysuit. “It was so fun doing improv because it was such a ‘tough girl’ look!” she says. “I loved it.”

McRae says she’s already been wearing the Rebel Boot in the studio and to January’s Shaping Sound Show in Calgary, where she received many compliments, even from her teachers!

The Rebel Boot continues on the long list of Capezio shoes and products that adhere to the brand’s principles of being innovative yet reliable, and of high-quality.

“The Rebel Boot is a solid staple added to Capezio’s already well-known and supremely constructed footwear,” Brannan says. “This shoe exemplifies longevity, created not only for a dancer’s capacity but also the girl on the go. It keeps up with her lifestyle and not the other way around. Not only does the Rebel Boot cross into street style, but it’s the antithesis of versatility, wearability and an accessory staple to any outfit. This is the trifecta of footwear ladies have been waiting for!”

The Rebel Boot is available worldwide at Capezio stores, authorised Capezio dealers and on

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Photo credit: Instagram @dancextremeteam

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