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Capezio at Danza in Fiera

  • February 8, 2017
  • by Kathryn Boland

Capezio is making strides toward strengthening global ties in dance through engaging once again with Florence, Italy’s Danza in Fiera festival.

The festival will take place February 23-26. The event, “dedicated to professionals, dancers, school, dance companies and companies”, has been held annually for the past 12 years. Vendor expos, presentations from top names in world dance, master classes, auditions and casting are all on the calendar of events. Notable dance names such as Marcello Sacchetta, Sarah Lamb, Dorothée Gilbert and Luca Tommassini will be leading classes, workshops and choreographic explorations. There will even be things to do for the less dance-inclined who might be tagging along with dancing participants, such as a play area for children under 10 years old and a fashion show.

At Danza in Fiera, Capezio will be “presenting all product lines, including new and forthcoming styles,” says Capezio Marketing and Sales Director Maddy Gladman. She adds that this participation is “a wonderful opportunity” to interact with dance leaders from various countries. Through participating in the event, Capezio will have an additional avenue for interacting with dance students, vendors, professional dancers, choreographers and administrators from all across the world.

How else might Capezio benefit from this event? At Danza in Fiera, the company can “learn [customers and dancers’] further needs in order for us to maintain our innovative production,” explains Maddy. As the world, and the art form of dance, changes, so do dancers’ needs and desires. In order for Capezio to remain a leader in dance, the company works to keep communication lines with customers and potential customers open.

Capezio Europe looks forward to “the opportunity to meet the world of dance under one roof,” says Maddy. As a seminal American family business, and America’s leader in dance apparel and footwear, Capezio has not only the needs of American dancers in mind but also of those around the world. Through efforts such as involvement with Danza in Fiera in Florence and MOVE It in London, Capezio is helping to strengthen and unite the international dance community.

To learn more about Danza in Fiera, held in Florence, Italy, this February 23-26, visit

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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