April Giangeruso in Cambre pointe shoes
April Giangeruso in Cambre pointe shoes
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Behind the Scenes with Capezio Athlete April Giangeruso

  • June 7, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

As a wearer of Capezio pointe shoes for over a decade, April Giangeruso of American Ballet Theatre (ABT) was a natural candidate for a photo shoot for the latest Capezio pointe shoe, the Cambré. Giangeruso is now dancing up a storm in ABT’s spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Here, learn more about this beautiful ballerina!

How long have you been wearing Capezio pointe shoes, and what do you like best about the brand?

“I have worn the same Capezio pointe shoe for over 10 years and still love them! I love Capezio because I can always find what I’m looking for! Leotards, shoes, accessories, you name it. I have to single out my pointe shoes especially as a reason I love Capezio because they are the most important commodity that a professional female ballet dancer relies on. Yolaine Aprea, [store manager at Capezio’s NYC flagship store], is a lifesaver and works with me to keep my shoe just how I like them!”

You recently tested out Capezio’s latest shoe, the Cambré, at a photo shoot. What did you think of the shoe? And who do you think this shoe is best suited for? 

“The Cambré pointe shoe is aesthetically a really beautiful shoe. I love the way it facilitated my relevé; therefore, I think this shoe is best suited for those who just need that little bit of extra help rising up to pointe.”

What is a typical photo shoot like? Do you enjoy improvising and the photographer catches shots, or do you prefer to have the photographer direct you on what to do? 

“A typical photo shoot is really fun because you get to experiment with different cool poses and work with an amazing group of creative minds. Usually, you choose a few poses beforehand to try out and then look at the shots on a computer screen to see what is working and what isn’t. I like collaborating with the photographer and choreographer because usually you can get better shots that way!”

Where was the Cambré photo shoot? And what did you wear?

“We shot at the beautiful Hudson River Studios. I wore a simple black leotard, pants in some shots and a tulle skirt in other shots. Most of the day was spent making the promotional video for the Cambré. That was really fun because I got to improvise my own solo. Then we did the still shots, and I got to try out some new poses that I had actually never tried before. The photo of me with my head on my knees was actually quite difficult, but satisfying when we got the shot!”

The ABT spring season is underway! Do you have any particular roles or pieces that you’re looking forward to perform? 

“Our Metropolitan Opera season opened on May 9. Rehearsals and performances are going well! I really like our repertoire this season. I loved dancing Terpsichore in Sylvia and am looking forward to performing Odalisques in Le Corsaire and Harlots in Romeo and Juliet.”

What are some of your dance bag must-haves?

“I like to keep a very organised dance bag. I have my flat shoes, pointe shoes, toe pads, toe spacers, roller, leg warmers, rosin, a sweater, and needle and thread. Those are my necessities!”

What’s your favourite part about being a dancer? And for you, what’s the hardest aspect? 

“My favourite part about being a dancer is performing. The feeling of being on stage, especially at the Metropolitan Opera House, is surreal. I also love getting to travel the world and make priceless memories with my best friends! The hardest aspect for me is being frustrated with myself when I feel like I could have rehearsed or performed better. I have always been hard on myself; I think most dancers are. It’s what makes us improve but also is exhausting.”

How do you like to spend your time when not in the studio? 

“Dance and athletic fashion has always interested me, so I have been developing a line of dancewear over the past year. I also love teaching ballet, hanging out with my friends, and watching movies and sports.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself or the Capezio brand? 

“I have tried different brands of pointe shoes, and nothing compares to my Capezios. My shoe allows me to dance without worrying about them not being ‘right’. I can dance without a costume, or without makeup, but I can’t dance without my shoes! So I would like to thank Capezio for making such an amazing product!”

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