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Begin the School Year Feeling Fresh and Stylish!

  • August 28, 2016
  • by Chelsea Thomas

We’ve all heard we should “dress for success”. Scientists have even proven through social experiments that those who dress the best and carry themselves confidently are often the ones chosen for jobs, as friends or as mates. So how does this affect you as a dancer? Simple. It all begins in the classroom.

When a dancer comes dressed in the correct attire for class, it immediately tells the teacher that this student means business. Likewise, this dancer’s apparel conveys to the other students that they are committed and ready to take on whatever comes next. The dancer’s personal response to their attire will also affect their confidence level.

So, as the new school year approaches, student dancers should consider taking inventory of their current dance wardrobe and supplies. How they prepare now could really affect the trajectory of their year.

Capezio knee-length Perspiration Shorts
Capezio knee-length Perspiration Shorts

For those studying classical dance, do your leotards still fit properly? Are your tights still intact, or are they stained and torn? Do your skirts still wrap around your waist correctly? The Capezio Class Collection offers some refined, traditional leotards that will flatter your lines and give you a polished, elegant look. (The Pinch-Front Camisole and Tank Leotards are the perfect basics for learning ballet in a rigorous environment.) Along with some brand new tights, Capezio’s timeless Chiffon Wrap Skirt is a must-have. Available in children and adult sizes, it comes in lots of colours. This Chiffon Wrap Skirt option only has four colour options, but it’s even more affordable.

Dancers who are preparing for modern, lyrical, contemporary or jazz classes should peruse the Capezio Classics Collection, which presents versatile styles in different cuts and colours. Check out the new Tactel Collection, which is increasingly popular. The Starburst Leotard makes a bold statement with its back feature, while the Polo Neck Leotard is striking and elegant, with the turtleneck highlighting your face and the oversized back cut-out showcasing your shoulders.

Shorts and dance bottoms are also essential in certain classes and rehearsals. Both knitted, these Shorts and High Waisted Shorts were made with warm-ups in mind. Trending at the moment are Capezio’s new knee-length Perspiration Shorts, which are 100% vinyl. They promise to get you ‘sweatin’ to Swan Lake before you can say, ‘How many fouettés?’

No dancer should head to jazz or musical theatre class without a pair of comfortable jazz pants. (That’s like Captain America going to war without his shield!) And of course, leggings are always a good idea, whether ankle length or capri style. And you know it’s true that you can never have too many leggings. They’re so multipurpose, too! They can be used for the gym, for lounging at home watching the latest Center Stage movie or for layering under cute outfits.

In a few months when the winter winds begin to blow, all dancers will need cover-ups and jackets for going to and from the studio. Capezio offers options that are form-fitting, sleek and flattering. The Convertible Panel Jacket is perfect for this. Plus, it has neat features, like a thumbhole that keeps the jacket pulled down securely around your wrist and a side zipper that conceals a hidden peplum that opens up, allowing for breathability when dancers are cooling down. (It even acts as a maternity piece for expecting dance teachers.)

Totally Charming Dance Duffle
Totally Charming Dance Duffle

Capezio Brand Ambassador Maddie Ziegler said that her favorite jacket is Dance Active. “I keep borrowing this from my mom; it’s such a great jacket to wear to and from rehearsal. Capezio jackets are probably my most favourite thing ever! I just love throwing them over my leo and my regular clothes, especially when I travel!”

When in class — especially for ballet — the Tactel Wrap Top is the perfect staple for soft elegance and charm. Plus, it has some major benefits, like drying 8x faster than cotton and feeling 2x as soft as other fibres!

Of course, we can’t forget dance bags! These precious cargo holders can get pretty nasty after a busy season of being filled with stinky shoes. So maybe it’s time for an update to your luggage carousel? Capezio’s most popular Duffle Bag is attractive and affordable. The Totally Charming Dance Duffle is both functional and fun, with several cute charms that will show the world that you take dancing seriously. (The zipper pulls even have accent charms!) The most durable option is Capezio’s Dance in the Pocket Tote. Stash your keys in the pocket in the centre top, your tablet in the media pocket and your cell phone and wallet in the front pocket for quick access. Its accents include bottom ruching and faux knot details on the straps. This bag can be used for anything – not just for dance.

Finally, have you taken inventory of your hair accessories lately? If you’re taking a lot of ballet classes this year, now is the perfect time to restock your hairnets, bobby pins, headbands and combs. The Fairy Flower Headband in particular adds an aura of sophistication.

And now, it’s time to get shopping! Let’s head back to dance in style and fully equipped this year. After all, as Alexander Graham Bell once said, “preparation is the key to success”

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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