fall makeup photo
fall makeup photo
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Autumn hair and makeup with Rena Most

  • October 18, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio

As the temperature changes, so does our need for new makeup and hair styles. (Think: less humidity = less frizz. Yay!) Here, Rena Most, hair and makeup artist for American Ballet Theatre, offers some great and simple tips for your fall back-to-school look.

Autumn-themed trends.

Now that you’re not sweating buckets, Most says you can let your hair down and enjoy your natural look. “Fall tends to be great for both curly and straight hair – not too dry, not too humid,” she adds. “Embrace either look!”

Autumn has a cool, refreshing feeling, as it’s the start of many new things. For makeup, go with a light, natural look, Most advises, but do feel free to add a little “pop” like red lipstick – bright or dark – during these autumn months.

Rena Most and ABT dancer April Giangeruso. Photo by Gene Schiavone.Embrace the change of colour.

Fall is synonymous with colours like orange, yellow, red, brown. It’s a beautiful time of year as the leaves change colour and our surroundings become almost movie scene-like. Allow these colour changes to guide your transition into fall fashion and makeup.

“We tend to wear rich and darker colours in the fall, some matching our makeup,” Most says. “Depending on application, a deep red lipstick or soft, warm brown eyeshadow can add drama to your look but can also remain soft and wearable for every day.”

Back-to-school hair.

Now that you’re back to school and dance in full swing, your schedule is probably jam-packed, leaving little time to spend on your hair. So make it simple! It’s possible to still make it cute, too!

“Side twists into a low (or high) bun or chignon is a very easy and sweet hairstyle that can be worn both to school or to the dance studio,” suggests Most. “Adding the side twists makes the style a bit more fun and unique, rather than just a plain bun, but can also be worn to dance.”

Quick and easy is key.

With little time in the morning before you rush off to a full day of school and dance, you’ll probably like to hear that Most encourages a quick and easy look.

“Embrace the remaining summer glow!” she explains. “Moisturiser, blush and a clear/light lipgloss/Chapstick is a very easy, yet enhancing, face to transition back into the school year.”

fall hair photoWater is (still) your BFF.

Just because it’s no longer summer and you may not feel hot and thirsty, it doesn’t mean your body still doesn’t need water. In fact, it needs lots of it! Staying hydrated will do your body, skin and hair wonders.

“Lack of water is a very common reason for dark circles under the eyes and chapped lips,” Most says. “In addition to hydration, always moisturise your skin and hair, especially as the weather gets cold and dry. For dry hair, use deep conditioners for your hair once a week. Moisturise your skin once a day and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells at least once a week.”

Most’s three must-dos. 

This autumn, Most has words of wisdom that are simple for anyone to follow if you want healthy skin and hair. “Continue to wear SPF, eat healthy, and drink water!” she says. “These are three very easy ways to keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing!”

Following these tips will help you look your best for a long time to come!

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