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gifts for dancers
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25 Gift Ideas for Dancers

  • May 17, 2016
  • by Deborah Searle

Buying Christmas gifts can be difficult. What would the dancer in your life love, need, or both? Dance Informa has spoken to dancers all across the industry to find out what they’d like for Christmas. Here’s a list to help you stuff that stocking and fill up the space under the tree. Happy shopping, wrapping and giving!

1)    A massage voucher! Who doesn’t love a massage, especially a dancer with a tired, overused body? As dancers, we put our bodies under a lot strain and pressure.

2)    A Capezio London gift card – take your dancer to dancewear, dance fashion, dance shoe and accessory heaven!

3)    A wobble board – great for building ankle and core strength and for use in case of injury rehabilitation.

4)    Tickets to a dance show – and think outside the box. The Nutcracker is a classic, but what about tickets to a contemporary or Broadway production?

5)    Warm booties – keep those feet warm before and after class and rehearsal.

6)    iTunes gift card – what dancer doesn’t love music? We always need to download tracks for practice and choreography.

7)    A new dance bag for the new year.

8)    A pedicure. Dancers’ feet are battered! Treat your dancer with some foot rejuvenation and relaxation.

9)    Fashion legwarmers that can be used in the studio, and outside the studio, to both warm up and spice up an for dancers

10)    A Flexi-stretcher.

11)    A subscription to your local ballet company’s next season.

12)    An exercise band.

13)    A turning board.

14)    Bobby pins, elastic bands, head bands and hair accessories – dancers are obsessed with keeping their buns secure and pins and hair bands seem to always disappear. A Bun Builder can also help your dancer create the perfect bun for performances and competition.

15)    Warm ups – All dancers love cute warmup sweaters, wraps and track pants in the winter. Cute dance t-shirts can be used year round too.

16)    Vintage Whisper – Capezio’s new stylish Vintage Whisper range of lace leotards and skirts are a hit. They are delicate, feminine and sure to delight your dancer.

17)    Dance movies – find your dancer a copy of dance cult classics like Center Stage, Dirty Dancing, Footloose or any of the Step Up series of films.

18)    Freeform shoes! These shoes are perfect for ballet, jazz or contemporary. They not only accentuate the arch of the foot but look stylish too.

19)    Footsie roller – help your dancer knead out the tightness in their arches and soothe his or her feet. These are also great for warming up the feet before class.

20)    Bunheads Muscle and Joint Gel

21)    A new planner – dancers are always having to schedule rehearsals, classes, tours and more.

22)    Active/workout wear – for the studio, gym, yoga and every day.

23)    A gift card to his or her favourite shop – dancers have chosen their career for love, not money. Treat your dancer with a shopping spree at their favourite store so they can enjoy guilt-free shopping.

24)    Cosmetics – dancers go through a lot of makeup. Treat your dancer with brand new cosmetics or a gift card to Sephora.

25)    A sleep in! Dancers work HARD long days. Let your dancer enjoy some R&R these holidays!

Produced by Dance Informa.

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