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12 Ways Pilates Equipment Helps Dancers

  • November 24, 2016
  • by Allison Scerbo

12 Ways Pilates Equipment Helps Dancers Improve Immediate Performance For Recitals And Career Longevity.

1. Footwork exercises on a reformer balances, strengthens and massages the muscles of your feet and ankle joint. This will preserve your feet for a longer dance career by decreasing wear and tear.

2. A tip for ballerinas is to work parallel on the Pilates footwork exercises if you are always turned out excessively in ballet. You can also take jazz or tap class as a last resort if in between dance classes.

3. Pilates also works on your arches and heels more, which will reverse the impact from being on balls of the feet and on pointe.

4. Pilate’s equipment uses spring resistance to build and lengthen muscles in the whole body, especially the midsection.

5. Pilates is a full mind-body workout. Being on the equipment forces you to be more aware by having to move the carriage as if you were doing a dance; Pushing and pulling against it from your core. Increased awareness makes you a better dancer.

6. Pilates is a time out for your legs and feet to recuperate from all the impact of jumping! Pilates strengthens your deeper core muscles such as the pelvic floor. Pilates will keep you light on your feet and takes the impact of dancing and jumping on different types of floors off your back and neck, which typically compresses your spine.

7. Pilate’s workouts help heal your body by elevating the legs. This increases circulation to the heart thus making the legs lighter and helps you heal quicker from an injury.

8. Pilates corrects any imbalances from lack of strength or faulty compensation patterns that could potentially cause an injury. Dancers are forced into challenging positions with their bodies at times. Pilates ensures the dancer will recruit the correct muscles to perform and keep their alignment the best they can.

9. Pilates is low-impact versus dancing which is high impact depending on a dancer’s technique. Leg circles in foot straps are the perfect for a dancer to train their hips. They can train themselves to rotate from their hips instead of compensating their turnout from their knees. Plus your lower back will love you for it by becoming more flexible and by being able to stretch tight hamstrings!

10. Pilate’s makes you feel like you just had a head to toe massage and body lift!

11. Pilates improves posture, making you appear confident, full of energy, and larger than life on stage!

12. Pilates keeps you out of physical therapy and the doctor’s office, which leaves more time for doing what you love, dancing! Consider Pilates your necessary homework!

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