Competition dancer Kalani Hilliker
Competition dancer Kalani Hilliker

10 Things Only Competition Dancers Understand

  • March 30, 2016
  • by by Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

#1. Screaming for people on stage is not a faux pas.

When you walk on that stage and hear people screaming and yelling your name, or ‘WERK!’ or ‘YES!’, you feel empowered and supported. It’s when you don’t hear people screaming that you feel uncomfortable. More cowbell!

#2. More rhinestones, please!

There can never be enough bling on your costumes. Bring on the rhinestones, sequins and glitter!

#3. When someone else has your same solo song, you freak out!

Don’t panic. It happens. Their choreography is completely different anyway… you hope…

#4. Quick changes…all…day…long.

The backstage workers at competition can either be your best friend or worst enemy. You just danced and walked off stage to hear, “Okay guys, your next dance is in three numbers.” Ahhhhhh.

#5. Camaraderie within your studio is so fun and necessary.

Huddling before you go on stage, having chants for your studio, and your big or little dance sister bringing you a gift at every competition… It’s the little things that contribute to your overall fun experience at competition.

#6. Having several ‘studio spirit’ items in your closet.

During awards at dance competitions, your mom, dad, and teachers have no problem finding their kids in the pack…because you are all wearing matching studio jackets and sweats.

#7. Girls don’t expect to get first overall solo if there is a boy in their age division.

And if a girl does get first overall over a boy, that’s a HUGE deal!

#8. Prop dads are SO important.

You and your fellow competition dancers wouldn’t look nearly as great if it weren’t for the dads carrying on and setting up the props and/or set pieces for you. Can you imagine having to do that yourself and then dance?! Thank you, prop dads everywhere.

#9. When dancers from another studio say “good luck” or “great job”, it’s refreshing.

Let’s face it. It’s a competition and you’re competing to get better scores than the other studio. But we all have to remember that there is life after competition and the dance world is a small one. Be respectful and pleasant to dancers from another studio, because you never know when you’ll see them again. They might just become your college roommate or be in the same Broadway show as you in the future!

#10. What we do is really hard work; we just make it look effortless.

It’s one thing to go on stage and dance for an audience. It’s a whole other thing to go on stage and dance for an audience and several judges that are scoring you based on your efforts. This is pressure that not a lot of people understand. It is hard work to do well and feel good about yourself at competition. If you can perform a solo at a dance competition, you can achieve anything!

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